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Dr. Bhardwaj is a qualified family physician who began his medical career in 2008 as a resident doctor at Fortis Escort Hospital Jaipur, where he gained valuable experience for a period of two years. Following this, he established Bhardwaj Clinic in Sodala Jaipur, where he currently practices as a General Practitioner (G.P.). Throughout his professional journey, Dr. Bhardwaj has harbored a deep interest in the practice of Meditation. He has diligently sought to acquire knowledge of various meditation techniques from renowned institutions in India, and he has discovered that while the methods may differ, the outcomes remain consistent. These outcomes include inner peace, relaxation, cessation of incessant thoughts, respect for others, knowledge, and lasting happiness.
Dr. Bhardwaj firmly believes that regular meditation fosters a balanced life and contributes to being a conscientious member of society. He views Meditation as a precious natural gift that should be accessible to every individual, with equal rights to benefit from it. By embracing meditation, individuals can attain happiness, peace, personal growth, and a renewed positive perspective on life.
Dr. Bhardwaj acknowledges that a common question arises as to why not everyone engages in meditation, considering its numerous benefits. In response, he says that newcomers often struggle with knowing how to begin their meditation practice. This is why Dr. Bhardwaj emphasizes the significance of Guided Meditation, which expedites the journey to the desired meditative state within a day or two, compared to the potential months or even years required through self-practice. Drawing an analogy, he likens having a guide in meditation to having an instructor when learning to fly a plane.
With proper guidance, one can swiftly acquire the skills, whereas doing it alone may prove time-consuming and challenging. Accordingly, Dr. Bhardwaj has developed a personalized guided meditation method that enables individuals to effortlessly and rapidly achieve a deep meditative state on their first day. This meditation program is designed to be conducted remotely through video calls or WhatsApp calls, delivering the same effectiveness as an in-person session. This approach respects individuals' comfort zones and saves time in today's fast-paced life, allowing for convenient learning and practice.

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The power to heal yourself is within you, and guided meditation helps you reach that power. We understand the pain and stress you go through every day, be it due to your health conditions, job stress, migraine, alcohol/smoking withdrawal, or any other reason; , Guided meditation can help you train your brain to live pain- and stress-free lives. If you, too, find yourself stuck in any such situation, guided meditation will help you bring peace to your life.
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